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Club Name: Daventry Indoor Bowling Club

Hi All,

We are just getting into the swing with Bowlr and will be starting Leagues and Competitions in November.

In normal times our winter season is extremely busy and sessions are always in demand. Consequently we are very strict with our League Team Captains and they have to pay for the rink if they postpone the match and don't release the rink.
So, the onus is on the Team Captains to release the rink and rearrange the match.

Since League Matches must always be allocated a session I am told the only way to release the rink is to move the match to another session. If a rearrangement has already been agreed then there is no problem apart form the Team Captain can't do it. Unfortunately, a lot a matches are put on hold and arranged later on towards the end of the season.

I am told 'all clubs are happy with this solution' and that I am the only one that finds this cumbersome and unsatisfactory in that the Team Captains can't change the bookings.

I have proposed the following:
The captain of the team who postponed the match must:
- inform the other team immediately
- cancel the rink booking on the diary, which makes it available for others
- agree with the opposition to play at another time and book a session accordingly
So in Bowlr, I would like the Team Captains to see the league diary entries for their teams on the microsite and be able to move them to another session or unbook and book a session later.


This has not been taken on board. Any comments?
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