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Club Name: Adur Indoor Bowling Club

Having worked with B4B from their early development days with Bowlr and being the 3rd club to take on the system I have waited to see to if their development with a EPOS company would provide our club with a total financial solution package.
Unfortunately this was not to be after what I know was an extensive amount of work by the B4B technical team over a circa 3 year period.
I am now looking for a Up-to-date EPOS company to work with so that we can run our bar using the latest "I-Pad/Cloud" based system.
Any ideas/company names/details would be appreciated.
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Club Name: Bowlr

I've discussed this with Bob recently. Our findings are that many smaller existing EPOS companies are still selling an older style of system that is not web-based and is not built for internet connectivity. This has been the source of the problem for connecting Bowlr to EPOS.

There are some EPOS companies out there selling newer solutions, often using iPads or other slim touchscreens which are built on newer technologies designed for internet connectivity from the start.

Our goal is to find one of these newer solutions, ideally at a club that is already using it, and explore connecting with it and then hopefully we have a solution to recommend going forward. So any leads on this is appreciated.
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Club Name: West Berks Indoor Bowls Club

Hi All

Club Control have just launched an App customisable to a particular Club, so perhaps their moving closer. To be fully useful this would still need links to the Bowlr system.


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Club Name: Adur Indoor Bowling Club

Thanks for the information on the Club Control John, much appreciated.
I'm not sure from what I have read and then also looking at the app that it will do all that I want.
I am looking for a system that allows us to have different prices for the same product, whilst at the same time allows full as well as associate and social members who are registered to the club the ability to access the club through a card system.
Also and EPOS system will enable us to use a card system for both the bar and club charges. That is to say a member comes in to play their game and reception swipes their personal "charge" card which automatically takes the cost off from the pre-loaded balance on the card.
Then after the game the same system can be used to buy a drink at our bar.
So the same swipe method will automatically discounts to price "A" cheaper, rather than price "B" dearer for playing (Non Full Members pay more per hour) as well as at the bar.
The "Club Control" system is just to order a product and nothing more from what I have seen.
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